The bouldering hall is non-commercial and serves the sport of climbing. The bouldering hall belongs to the association "Regional Center Sport Climbing Bernese Oberland".

Admission is only possible with an annual subscription or in company with a subscription owner. Please put 15.- CHF for the single entrance in the cash box. (see single entries below)

The hall is open 7 days a week for annual subscription holders, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The bouldering hall is not commercial and is not supervised.

Access for all annual subscription holders is by means of a chip that serves as a key.

Annual subscription

Price: CHF 500.- (plus 50.- key deposit)

Submit request.

"If you want to be sending hard routes on the rock, I think climbing on a spray wall has the best transfer into hard rock climbing." Adam Ondra (YouTube, January '24)


The Boulderhalle Jungfrau offers a unique, high quality, systematic training environment in Switzerland.

This provides the Interlaken region with a space with training opportunities for ambitious sport climbers who want to increase their climbing level.

The bouldering hall is non-commercial and serves the sport of climbing.

Training facility

The total climbable area is about 200 square meters. At disposal are:

Single entries

Only in the presence of an annual subscription holder with a chip. The entrance fee must be placed in the cash box or TWINT. All participants must sign in on the spot. Price: Fr. 15.-

The bouldering hall depends on your fair behavior. The room rent and the additional costs of 2600 .- / mt must be able to be paid with the entrance fees. Otherwise the hall must be closed again. The bouldering hall is not commercial. A positive return is invested in expanded training inventory for visitors.